Global Apprehension, Wealth Accumulation

  • Customized approach deepens the insight into capital markets with close collaboration in China and Asia-Pacific regions, especially in financial consulting service
  • Prioritize the interests of clients to achieve sustainable competitive advantages with our professional knowledge and expertise

Our Strength

  • Market horizon focus our clients' needs
The services found in the market are usually standardized in listing and corporate finance services, and most of the service providers ignores the needs of long-term corporate development. Euto has its advantage by providing a personalized and comprehensive consultancy services to the clients.
  • Unique financial services

Euto always takes its clients as the long-term partners.

We have a good understanding of the actual needs of customers, formulate the customer-oriented services, provide the innovative advanced advices and generate financing plans to meet the needs of customers.

We know that our clients wish to spend their time and energy on business development, daily operation and management. Not only to provide the advisory service, Euto also demostrates the role of outsourced corporate finance department for listed companies. We execute transactions and support the rountine maintenance works for behalf of our clients.

  • Extensive professional knowledge

As with our continuing corporate finance advisory services to the clients from various industries in China, we have developed an extensive comprehensive professional knowledge and specialised in investment banking, accounting, legal and corporate compliance. 

  • Vast and diversified useful network and client base
Euto has been appointed by the clients to handle the transactions in Hong Kong listed companies, where our clients include listed issuers, investors, provisional liquidators, liquidators and creditors. We maintain a close connection with the companies from different industries, including financial institutions, energy, transportation, raw materials and equipment, real estate, technology, media & telecommunications and consumers.
As with more than 10 years of professional experience among the partners, Euto obtains a vast network of clients, but is also keen on exploring new clients. Most of our clients are the SMEs in PRC and the high net worth individuals who carry a great potential development. Nevertheless, we intend to help clients to source the overseas business opportunities.