Create an optimal capital structure for you

We look at your future needs, assess the market potential development and design the desire fundraising program through placements of equity and debt securities.

Preparation before capital raising

  • Formulate the comprehensive analysis and plan the financing strategy based on clients’ needs
  • Provide optimized recommendations in the considerations of all aspects of our clients
  • Identify the potential investors and contact the investors
  • Organize documentation regarding the corporate capital raising exercise

Financing process

  • Select the most appropriate financiers to meet clients’ actual needs
  • Conceive the negotiation strategy and strive for the favourable terms at the interests of all parties
  • Coordinate the professional parties during the capital raising exercise

Review after capital raising

  • Ensure the process is up to the expectation of our clients along the way of capital raising
  • Review client’s existing financing arrangements in compliance of the rules and regulations