As with our valuable experience, we are confident to bring you the best return.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Strategy

  • Identify the M&A opportunities
  • Develop a clear articulated strategy and M&A plan that reinforces the strategy and deal execution
  • Establish a constructive deal flow that will bring value to both the target and the acquiring companies

M&A planning and execution

  • Classify the significant matters in both target and acquiring companies
  • Exploit and realize the full value of the transactions
  • Short-list the powerful guiding principles and act in a timely manner

Strategic due diligence exercise

  • Precise and efficient to design the due diligence exercise
  • Recognize the key sources of ongoing value through the planning of deal structuring, due diligence exercise and deal execution
  • Together with the due diligence exercise, we sniff out the ‘perfumed pigs’ which is not value generated in the transaction

Planning and execution of IPOs

Listing Process

Investment banks in the market generally provide formulaic sponsor service only, and fail to fully understand the clients and their listing barrier, as a result, most of the listing cases were suspended or terminated during the period of drafting the prospectus.

As a comprehensive financial advisor, Euto will provide a board insight to our clients by advising the listing barrier in advance.


Your Best Listing Advisor

Euto is assembled by a group of talents with different professional backgrounds, including law, accounting and corporate finance. The team has wide range of knowledge and experience. We are familiar with various listing process in Hong Kong.